Supporting an Author

Olanike Adebayo is the author of ‘The Real Deal’ which tells her tale of coming to study in the UK from Nigeria and the massive culture-shock she experienced.  She chose Bradford of all places, and her preconceptions about the UK led her to expect bicycling policemen, cottages and tea and crumpets at 4pm!  Her book is definitely born of experience in culture shock and is therefore aimed at International Students coming to or already in the UK.  It deserves every success.

Olanike is a driven, dynamic and hardworking individual who takes life by the throat and tells it how it is.  Her book is funny, perceptive and brutally honest.

I have agreed to help her promote her book.  We’re currently working on an e-marketing campaign targeted at gateways for International Students in and coming to the UK.

Olanike works at a very professional level and has overseen the production of a good-quality feature about her book.  Check it out:

To buy direct from the publisher, visit their website.

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Professional copywriter, trad-published author and improvisational gardener.
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