The Art of Adaptation

Yesterday Amy & I went to the gorgeous Charlecote Park to see Heartbreak Productions’… errr… production of Pride and Prejudice in the open air.

In a word it was Inspiring.

In three words it was Astonishingly Well-Adapted.

This was because five actors supplied all the characters in a narrative which demands that, at some point, every character interacts with every other.  Darcy and Mr Bennett were played by the same actor who – in the run of the story – would have to ask himself for his daughter’s hand in marriage.  This and every possible clash of characters was cleverly dealt with; indeed, the only occasions where such impracticalities stood out was when good humour was used to smooth it over.

The BBC version of the story is so familiar – probably more so than the book – that many in the audience might have hoped for a re-enactment of the beloved TV version.  Gladly, this did not happen.  The characters (and caricatures e.g. Mr Collins & Mrs Bennett) were given new expression, thanks to the talents of the actors and, significantly, the relatively unsung brillance of Mr David Kerby Kendall, the writer.

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Professional copywriter, trad-published author and improvisational gardener.
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