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Christmas with the Copywriters

It is traditional at this time of year for supermarkets to stock their Seasonal Aisle with advent calendars, stollen and stocking-shaped packaging full of branded chocolate bars.  These corporate hogs must have an economic reason for doing so because they … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Self-publishing

Yesterday afternoon, I passed through Hay-on-Wye.  Naturally, I could not resist the legendary bookshops.  In the last, before reluctantly turning for home, I found a book that should serve as a warning to all self-publishing authors: you may be gilt-embossing … Continue reading

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Natural Selection, Stupid People and words

Language changes; that’s the way it lives.  If we insist on entombing specific meaning within a specific word, then we risk the death of language. Change is good.  Mostly. But just like the evolution of organic species, I hope that … Continue reading

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Non-Verbal Communication

I have just signed up for a course in British Sign Language (Stage One) with a local provider.  I’ve always wanted to learn BSL and be able to communicate in a way that relies wholly on observation, interaction and empathy … Continue reading

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