Busy days

The next few days are packed with good stuff!

Tomorrow I am interviewing a wonderful lady about her time in Austria when she ran a staging post for covert missionaries into Eastern-block states during the Cold War.  Afterwards, I am going to visit two of my best friends from school and Dorset days.

Friday I am visiting an excellent friend – James Wilmshurst of Red&Green | Domain – to talk copywriting, publishing, family, friends and good times.  I am sure doughnuts will be involved.

Saturday I will be in Dorset seeing family, including my delightful niece Ella, and maybe fitting in more friends.

I don’t care about the bad weather with good days like these.

About Rob Chidley

Professional copywriter, trad-published author and improvisational gardener.
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1 Response to Busy days

  1. Rob Chidley says:

    Shame about England crashing out of the world cup so shamefully. Didn’t think of that when I posted this blog.

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