Neologisms I’ve spotted

Apptivist – a fusion of smartphone app and activist.
I have been recently working on a smartphone application concept for charities and businesses which want to engage their supporters/ customers in promoting their work.  This app harnesses phone tech and social media to allow organisations to reward their supporters for advertising to their friends and followers.
While I don’t claim to have invented the term (perhaps picking it up subconsciously), there ain’t many instances of the word online. This neologism’s cousin, Apptivity, is more common.

#bashtag – a twitter handle which companies create to promote themselves, only to have people use it to publicly criticise them.
Alexis Madrigal, senior editor at The Atlantic, noticed this one from Forbes’ blogger Kashmir Hill. Madrigal writes, “A bashtag is what happens when a company (McDonald’s) tries to start a promotional hashtag (#McDStories) and users use it to hate on said company…. It is a very simple way to describe what advertisers don’t want to happen.”

Photobomb – to appear unexpectedly in a photo and have the intended or unintended effect of ruining it for the subject.
Though usually the reserve of irritating internet memes about cats or seals, this word has become slightly political in that (mostly US) politicians can be criticised heavily for being photographed with ‘undesirables’. Obama was criticised for being in a crowd with members of the New Black Panther Party (extremists). Apparently this was enough to get his opponents worked up into a frenzy.

Slacktivism (sometimes slactivism) – a portmanteau formed out of the words slacker and activism.
This one isn’t terribly new, though it is worth mentioning in light of Apptivist. Slactivist has caught on, though exclusively as pejorative term for any campaigner not wearing a suit. A less popular version of Slactivist is Clicktivist, which refers to signing online petitions and feeling like you’ve contributed to society.

Twisticuffs – an argument conducted on Twitter.

Please add your own in the comments below. I’ll update more as I see them.

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