“Best mailing ever!”

In the close of 2012 I worked on a warm appeal for Scripture Union, asking their existing supporters for donations to fund their summer beach missions. The appeal ‘hit mats’ in early January and the response was terrific.

For almost all ofSUlogo360 its 140 year history, Scripture Union has organised fun summer beach missions for children across England and Wales. Hundreds of thousands of children have grown up with memories of halcyon days of fun in the sun on SU missions and many have sent their own children back to the same locations year after year.

The object of the appeal was to find a ‘classic SU story’ and tap in to the supporters’ own sense of nostalgia about childhood and summer fun.

Though I came into the job as a copywriter, I was SU screenshot1given the task of telephoning SU supporters to find this perfect summer story. After following a number of leads, I found Ems Hancock and her family’s amazing story which began way back in 1921 and went on to include four generations. Ems was entirely helpful and together we crafted this lift letter which went in the pack to support the main appeal letter from SU National Director Tim Hastie-Smith.

As a freelance copywriter, feedback on work is surprisingly hard to get. The only reliable way to tell if you’ve done a good job is whether or not you get repeat business. Clients don’t tend to throw good money after bad.

It was therefore especially pleasing to receive an email from Sam Hall at Scripture Union describing the response to the appeal. The initial level of donations was very encouraging and many SU supporters had been moved by Ems’ story to write in to share their own memories.

The best comment of all made my day; it said, ‘Summer missions appeal’ = best SU mailing ever!!!

As feedback goes, that’s pretty good.

NOTE: I was directly employed in a freelance capacity by Scripture Union but I worked in conjunction with Emma Ives of BigSmallCharity and the good folk of Yeomans Marketing.

About Rob Chidley

Professional copywriter, trad-published author and improvisational gardener.
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  1. That’s brilliant, Rob. What a boost!

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