The week it all happens

Four days from now, on Thursday of this week, the book will be officially published. This morning I feel like I have rounded the last bend on a long journey and can see the twinkling lights of home. There are still a few milestones to pass, but the great effort of producing a book is behind me.

I will pass the next (and most significant) milestone tomorrow when the great, the good and the powerful will gather when Lord Alton and I host a book launch at the House of Lords in one of the function rooms.

Lord Alton will give a short talk on his Lord Alton in actionengagement with North Korea and I will speak about the experience of going from a relative know-nothing to a concerned observer. My association with Lord Alton through writing this book has also profoundly affected my faith and ignited a serious desire to contribute something, anything, to theHouses of Parliament effort to bring about positive change for North Korea and its suffering people.

To speak about this in front of Peers of the Realm, Members of Parliament, journalists, reviewers, networkers and loved-ones scares me. But if I am going to find some way of being part of the solution for ordinary North Koreans, I’d better get used to being scared.

This will be a milestone to remember.

Very soon the marketing marathon will begin, but perhaps my publisher, Lion, will allow me to rest my feet for the bank holiday weekend.

Book CoverThe book is Building Bridges: Is there Hope for North Korea by David Alton and Rob Chidley, and is published by Lion.

Buy it here:



The Independent


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Professional copywriter, trad-published author and improvisational gardener.
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8 Responses to The week it all happens

  1. Congratulations Rob on getting this far with what sounds like a great & important book. Have a great and exciting week, and as we say up here… Divvent wurry bonny lad, it`ll be arlreet man!

  2. How wonderful to have a launch at the House of Lords! Hope the book makes a big impact.

  3. Fiona Lloyd says:

    How exciting for you – and I’ll pray it’s not too scary for you. Fiona

  4. penwilcock says:

    Lots of people talk about writing a book. Buckling down and actually doing it is a whole nother conversation. Well done for producing such a serious, intelligent and helpful piece of work. I hope you have a brilliant time at the launch. That’s prestigious, to merit an event at the House of Lords, and endorses the worth of the book indeed. Heavyweight!! 🙂

  5. James Lacey says:

    Wowzers! Great work Mr Chidley! Good luck with the book and addressing an audience of extremely important people 🙂

  6. SC Skillman says:

    I hope your book makes a big impact, Rob, and will herald significant change. I will put it on my to-read list, because North Korea has been a source of horrified fascination for me for a number of years, as I watch the news reports and wonder what is really going on in the minds of those who ‘lead’ the country,and how their people really feel (exactly as I used to wonder how the people of Iraq really felt, whilst under the tyranny of Saddam Hussein).

  7. Rowena Cala says:

    Rob, I think you were published with your book The Third Tribe! I’m so glad to have met you. Knowing you has helped me on my own publishing journey. I can’t wait to read this book. As an American, North Korea is front and center for us now, but I’ve been interested in North Korea for years (going all the way back to 2004). I’m so excited to read about a topic written by someone I know! I wish you MUCH SUCCESS!!!! I wish I could see you speak in person. Yay Rob!!!

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