Competition win

For as long as I’ve been interested in writing, I’ve had the sense that I should be entering writing competitions. It would be good exercise for my literary muscles. When I meet other writers who have won competitions, I feel rather envious of their success, but this feeling transforms quickly into guilt because I’d never taken the time to enter any.
Earlier this year, Christianity magazine launched a flash-fiction competition called ‘Am I Missing Something?’ and I thought I’d have a go. This particular competition limited entrants to 100 words for an entire piece of fiction on the subject of ‘New to Church’. My entry was a little cynical, perhaps, and relied the humour derived from that point of view. I also gave a rather obvious nod to John le Carré‘s famous statement, “‘The cat sat on the mat’ is not a story; ‘the cat sat on the other cat’s mat’ is a story.”

I’m pleased to say that I was one of three winners. Perhaps it was beginners luck. I suppose if I get into the habit of entering competitions I’ll know, based on how well I do. Until then, I’m just going to enjoy the feeling.

Read the three winning entries on the Christianity website here.

About Rob Chidley

Professional copywriter, trad-published author and improvisational gardener.
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