Book presented to President of South Korea

Yesterday I met with Lord David Alton of Liverpool and he told me that today he is meeting with Park Geun-hye, the President of South Korea and the office’s first female incumbent. He said he would give her a copy of our book, Building Bridges: Is there Hope for North Korea?

President of South Korea

President of South Korea

This is exciting for me for obvious reasons. It is also exciting because (as Wikipedia could tell you) Chapter 3 of South Korea’s Constitution says the top three duties of the president are as follows:

    • uphold the Constitution
    • preserve the safety and homeland of the Republic of Korea
    • work for the peaceful reunification of Korea

Bearing in mind that our book calls for re-engagement with North Korea with a view to peaceful reunion of the Koreas, I could not be happier that Ms.Park will receive a copy.

Ms.Park took office earlier this year with a pledge to “enact a ‘trust-building’ process” (BBC) and only yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported more encouraging comments. I hope our book encourages her in her bridge-building work.

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1 Response to Book presented to President of South Korea

  1. Fran says:

    That’s very exciting! Go straight to the top, why don’t you?! Well done.

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