In 2012 I co-authored Building Bridges with Lord David Alton of Liverpool for Lion, one of the imprints of the publisher Lion Hudson. The book was published in May 2013 and launched from the House of Lords. It was extremely well-reviewed. Book Cover

The book presents Lord Alton’s vision for how North Korea can ‘come in from the cold’ and reform itself for the good of its suffering people and the international community.

In 2009, my first novel The Third Tribe was published by Canaan Press in a co-publishing deal – which is where the publisher shares the financial risk with the author. It sold well but, due to the complicated turns of life, it is currently out of print.  In 2011, I made it available through Kindle.



2 Responses to Author

  1. Mel Menzies says:

    Have just downloaded a sample of your book onto my Kindle and read the first chapter. It’s not a genre I would choose, but I must say I like your style of writing, Rob. Well done!
    Your Facebook author friend, Mel

    • Rob Chidley says:

      Thank you! I must admit it was not the kind of book I would write! I found I had an imaginative landscape in my head which demanded exploration, and the result was that book. My next novel will be a double departure from The Third Tribe, both in setting and style.

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