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Professional copywriter, trad-published author and improvisational gardener.

On Reading and Grammar-hawking

“I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because mistakes can outlive their authors’ careers.” The curse of the professional copywriter is that it becomes impossible to switch off the impulses to proofread and check grammar. Novels are the primary … Continue reading

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Hansard and the House of Commons

I recently learned that the book Building Bridges, which I co-authored with David Alton, was mentioned in a House of Commons session. Speaking in a debate on issues requiring attention before the summer recess, Fiona Bruce MP said the following: … Continue reading

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Competition win

For as long as I’ve been interested in writing, I’ve had the sense that I should be entering writing competitions. It would be good exercise for my literary muscles. When I meet other writers who have won competitions, I feel … Continue reading

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Book launch at the House of Lords, 21 May 2013

Yesterday Building Bridges was launched from the House of Lords in Westminster. Approximately 60 guests came to the House to hear about the book and to meet its authors. My co-author, Lord David Alton of Liverpool, opened the event with … Continue reading

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The week it all happens

Four days from now, on Thursday of this week, the book will be officially published. This morning I feel like I have rounded the last bend on a long journey and can see the twinkling lights of home. There are … Continue reading

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Press coverage

Ahead of the book launch for Building Bridges this week, my local paper gave me a lovely write-up. Click on the image to download the high-res (readable) version:  

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Iraq and Easter

Today is Easter Sunday, the culmination of a week of intense reflection and emotional turmoil for Christians across the world. Easter is a narrative roller-coaster, laced with bitter and subversive irony: the ‘green mile’ of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem in … Continue reading

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