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The Most Important Question of 2013

Seven days ago, US Secretary of State John Kerry gave a joint press conference with William Hague on the Syrian Crisis. Margaret Brennan, a correspondent for America’s CBS News, asked Mr Kerry two questions, and the second will most likely … Continue reading

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North Korea celebrates 65 years of ‘independence’

On 25 August 1948, elections for the first Supreme People’s Assembly were held in North Korea. These hope behind post-War elections in Korea had been to heal the division of the country into North and South through establishing one government for … Continue reading

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“Best mailing ever!”

In the close of 2012 I worked on a warm appeal for Scripture Union, asking their existing supporters for donations to fund their summer beach missions. The appeal ‘hit mats’ in early January and the response was terrific. For almost … Continue reading

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Drink your way through 2013

At the moment, a lot of my work seems to be in the area of writing fund-raising letters and collateral copy. This is stimulating work because you have to encapsulate the entire ‘ask’ in your opening line and then build … Continue reading

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After the American Political Storm

America went to the polls yesterday and re-elected President Obama for his second term. There is much that we can learn from the Obama:Biden 2012 campaign because, much like the 2008 campaign, it was a masterclass in the use of … Continue reading

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Dubious marketing by JP Morgan?

This is my first emotionally-charged blog. Earlier this year I was in London visiting a client. I had to travel from my home into London, traverse the Underground between Marylebone and Westminster, conduct the long meeting and return home. It … Continue reading

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When charity marketing campaigns reach cultural saturation

Today an image popped up on my Facebook feed which made me laugh and also prompted a host of memories about long-gone charity marketing campaigns that are still, somehow, with us today. The image (right) was a parody of a … Continue reading

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