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The Return to Westminster

Yesterday I returned to London and took the same journey as that which prompted my post about JP Morgan’s advert. Happily, I experienced no such outrage this time. I kept my eye out for any follow-up adverts from the JP … Continue reading

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Dubious marketing by JP Morgan?

This is my first emotionally-charged blog. Earlier this year I was in London visiting a client. I had to travel from my home into London, traverse the Underground between Marylebone and Westminster, conduct the long meeting and return home. It … Continue reading

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Word use, abuse and overuse: Whisperer

Some years ago I went on a week’s intensive course all about horse body language (no, really, I did).  The course was run by the fascinating Intelligent Horsemanship organisation under Kelly Marks, the UK’s first lady and star pupil of … Continue reading

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Neologisms I’ve spotted

Apptivist – a fusion of smartphone app and activist. I have been recently working on a smartphone application concept for charities and businesses which want to engage their supporters/ customers in promoting their work.  This app harnesses phone tech and … Continue reading

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KONY 2012 – a decade-long campaign reaches critical mass

Yesterday a video went viral.  Within hours the phrase KONY 2012 was appearing on facebook pages, twitter feeds, blogs, emails and various discussion fora.  The video was a 30 minute documentary by Jason Russell, a film-maker and founder of Invisible … Continue reading

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Looking for a freelancer?

I’ve just joined – a new kind of website which allows freelancers place bids on live jobs in an international forum.  The only problem with this method of finding work is that the freelancer has to pay to bid on … Continue reading

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The Messages of 2011 – in review

Exactly 12 months ago, on 25th January 2011, the revolution in Egypt began. Wael Ghonim, a marketing manager for Google and political activist, used the social media site Facebook (have you heard of it?) to organise a campaign of non-violent … Continue reading

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