James Wilmshurst
Director of Business Development, Yeomans
I have known Rob for many years of which he has been a client and a supplier. Rob is a pleasure to work with. He has high integrity and I would put him in front of my clients knowing he would deliver and produce a high standard of work.

Russ Davies
Head of Design, Print & Postal Services, Aberystwyth University
I have always found Rob to be highly efficient and organised.  His crisp style of writing was ideal for the project we were undertaking. [When our previous arrangement failed to deliver,] Rob provided the materials within the stated deadlines and rescued a project that was seriously behind schedule.

Bob Hext
Managing Director, Crossbow Education Ltd
I have no hesitation in endorsing the quality of Rob’s writing. We are Educational Publishers with a reputation for high standards, and we used extracts from Rob’s novel “The Third Tribe” to model different aspects of writing style in our publication “How To Write Like a Writer”.

Rod Cleasby
Visual Media Production
Rob is an imaginative, articulate writer with ideas spilling out of his creative mind. He can bind you in magical words, hold your attention and weave a story that satisfies. His intelligent research underpins his flights with fact and a solid foundation. His words are masterful, creative and to the point. I really enjoy working with Rob.

Charles Humphreys
I have found working with Rob to be a fruitful and rewarding experience and he provided me with many of insightful ways to promote my book. Also, his calm, methodical approach provided me with a clear path to market my material. Rob is also a person who shows a remarkable degree of dedication and commitment to his clients – as shown by his attending my book launch – a return journey of over 200 miles! Rob’s approach to marketing is founded on his own experience – of what works best, and is also underpinned by not only common sense, but also by some valuable tips that can only come from ‘walking the walk’.

Lynette Leitch
Owner, Matt’s Canaan Trust/Canaan Press
Rob Chidley is that rare combination of unique creativity, passion for his work and market awareness. His attention to detail makes joint enterprises a pleasure. He is a well-spring of fresh ideas, and committed to excellence.

Mark Jeffery
Owner, Onwards and Upwards Publishers
Rob has been a positive and forward-thinking contributor. His writing is of a high standard. He contributes original and thought-provoking ideas.

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